A little about me

Picture of me at the ICA water shed exhibit in Boston

I went to Brandeis University and majored in Biology and East Asian Studies originally planning on going to medical school. My experiences working in healthcare, however, made me realize I wouldn't be happy as a physician. In my prior role as a medical assistant, I discovered my interest in talking to patients, learning about them and their point of view, and problem solving with coworkers to give them the best treatment plan. I apply these skills and interests as a UX researcher: I enjoy learning about the user's way of thinking and working collaboratively to design products and experiences that improve people's lives.

I have also always believed in social impact work. I started volunteering in high school at my local VA, and have continued my volunteering working for organizations that support underserved communities like immigrants, people who identify as BIPOC, and the elderly. My goal is to incorporate this passion into my career in UX research. With how ubiquitous digital products are in our lives, accessibility to them should be a right for all. Regardless of things like age, race, language spoken, or tech literacy, my goal is to help inform design work to have social impact.

Feel free to reach out if you have questions, just want to chat, or even want to collaborate!

Some of my favorite things outside of UX research:
  1. Comedy: stand-up, Arrested Development, Gintama
  2. Music: R&B, lofi hip-hop, multicultural pop
  3. Pixar Films: Up, Coco, Monsters Inc.
  4. Video Games: Valorant, Plateup, Overcooked

I solve
difficult problems

I solve
difficult problems